Hartmann Global Grids

Hartmann Grids were discovered in the 1950s by a German medical doctor, Ernst Hartmann. The lines form a grid around the earth, running north-south and east-west and form like an invisible wall. The north-south lines appear every 6 feet 8 inches (2 meters) and the east-west appear every 8 feet 4 inches (2,50 meters). Most of the lines are 9 inches (23 cm) wide and some 3 feet wide.

According to Dr. Hartmann the worst place to spend a long time, like sleeping or working is over a Hartmann knot, where two Hartmann lines cross or are combined with any other disturbance as listed above, as harmful radiation is intensified at this place.

Dr. Hartmann found out that the part of the body that was exposed for a long period of time to the distorted radiation was the location in the body where the illness started.

A Geopathic Stress surveyor comes to your home

  • Tell him nothing in advance of diseases or health impairments and disorders you might have. The surveyor wants an unbiased approach to a radiation study
  • Remove all references on the bedside tables that would indicate who sleeps in which bed or bedside.
  • Leave the surveyor alone in the room being studied (if possible), as your body’s own energy field may distort the results of the survey
  • A floor plan of the house would be helpful to draw on it the location of the distorted energy fields located and its intensity as well as the electromagnetic fields present
  • Specify the number of rooms you want to be surveyed so the surveyor can plan the time needed.
  • Please allow up to a week to get your body used to the new bed location if a displacement of the bed was necessary. It is similar to a withdrawal process, especially if you were sleeping in strongly distorted place.
  • Call the surveyor after a week or more if you have any questions regarding the results of the survey.  The surveyor will appreciate your call after a month or two to report any progress in the illness that prompted you to request a survey. Success stories are always welcome.
  • It is up to you to follow the recommendations of the surveyor or not. Nobody can make you sleep in a neutral place to protect your health if you don’t want to.
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