Indicators of Geopathic Stress  

Cats usually seek geopathic stress areas to sleep. If the cat sleeps on your bed it is an indication that your bed needs to be repositioned.

Owls, snakes, spiders, ants nests, high infestation of snails and slugs, insects, parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi, wasps nests and bees all like geopathic stress lines. Most mammals avoid it. Horses and cows stabled over geopathic stress areas may become sick, like humans do. Babies sleeping in their cot, try to avoid it by rolling away from geopathic stress. Move the cot towards the direction where the baby usually sleeps to avoid the baby being on a geopathic stress area. They usually cry a lot if they are not able to avoid it.

Geopathic stress sites attract lightning to strike trees growing on it.

The conjunction of a Hartmann knot, electromagnetic radiation and underground water streams or faults should be considered an extreme perturbation of the environment and very noxious to human life. It should be essential to have the correct positioning of beds in hospitals, where patients have a weak immune system.
What we do:

We provide a comprehensive survey of the areas where you spend a considerable time every day: bedroom, family room, office, etc.

The survey consists of the detection and later drawing on a floor plan the location of:

-electromagnetic fields from high/low voltage power lines, transformers, electrical appliances, etc.

-microwave radiation

-underground water veins and geological faults

-Hartmann's global grid

-Curry grid

-assess  the intensity of the radiation on every location using the von Pohl's scale of intensity to determine the probable pathological areas

-determine the radiations that appear only at night (using the cosmic rays Maser effect)  as they are not strong enough to break through the Earth crust during the daytime but they are strong enough to cause insomnia in sensitive individuals during the night

Please contact us for a cost estimate for a survey and date availability.


The information provided on this website and the results provided on the “on site” surveys are intended for educational purposes only. They are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any physical or psychological illness whatsoever. Please consult your medical provider for any health issue you may have.

Our Business

Is to help people avoid Geopathic Stress and lead a healthier and longer life.

My main idea about life is that your first need is a healthy body to live in. Without good health everything else in life matters very little because you will not be able to enjoy it anyway (money, possessions, power, status, love, etc). My philosophy on how to achieve a healthy body is based on four main pillars:

  • Avoidance of Geopathic Zones for long and frequent periods of time (like the place where you sleep or work)
  • Eat a healthy diet ( I follow the 80/20 diet)
  • Exercise regularly
  • Avoid mental stress (e.g. using meditation and Emotional Freedom Technique to resolve conflicts that happened in the past and/or in the present)

The exposure to Geopathic Zones produces a stress response in your body that prepares your body for defense (fight or flight response) and shuts down all non essential systems in your body including the immune system. If you are exposed to GS while sleeping, the body is in defense mode instead of growth mode (see epygenetics by Bruce Lipton) and the necessary repairs are not being done properly. The thymus gland decreases its output dramatically and the cancerous cells that are produced naturally in your body are not being eliminated. This is why when you remove yourself from Geopathic Zones your immune system starts to work better and your body is able to recover. If you are under medical treatment, it will be more effective as your immune system will be helping in the recovery.
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