GS or Geopathic Stress is a catch-all name used to describe the stress produced in our bodies due to Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) and/or distorted Earth’s natural radiation. It is wrongly used this way because it should be used only to describe the stress in our bodies from natural radiation coming from the earth ("geo" = Earth).

You will find Geopathic Zones (illness inducing zones) produced by natural radiation, all over the world on the free range as well inside of any type of building, including high risers.

There are several sources of Geopathic Stress from distorted natural radiation due to:

- Underground water streams

- Underground faults

- Hartmann's Global grid

- Curry grid

Sources of Geopathic Stress from man made radiation:

- Electromagnetic fields (EMF) related to high voltage transmission lines, low voltage home appliances and home electrical wiring, radar, cell phones and cell towers, etc.

Our body responds to GS like it responds to stress, modifying its hormone output to adapt to the location with distorted radiation. The body can’t compensate this anomaly for a long period of time, opening the possibility for the onset of an illness in our body.  The length of this period until an illness sets in depends on how healthy the person is and also on how many hours are spent on the affected zone. The sleeping place is usually where we spend the most time. This period can vary from a few months to several years,

Frequently recurring health issues including insomnia are usually a reliable indicator of exposure to Geopathic Stress.


What we do

We do on-site surveys of Geopathic Stress to provide the customer with a drawing of the layout of Hartmann and Curry lines, underground faults and water streams. We also show the neutral places where the your bed or office chair should be in order to avoid GS.

Contact us for a Free GS Consultation at (702)521-9125

Detection of Geopathic Stress

Investigators have tried magnetometers to measure the slight variation of the earth’s magnetic field that occur over geopathic zones, but the easiest way is by dowsing the area with an L rod, that can be learnt by most people in a very short period of time. The initial detection of a dowser can be verified in different ways but it takes much longer.One way to do it is by measuring  the variation of electrical resistance of the human skin on a geopathic zone and a neutral zone.

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